How Old is Your Domain?


Most SEO experts agree that the age of a domain is a critical factor in ranking a website in the search results for competitive keywords;the older the domain, the better the likelihood that the website will hit the top of search results quickly.

In order to understand why the age of a domain matters when ranking a website, it’s important to remember that one of Google’s main priorities is to eliminate spam from search results and return only websites that are relevant to a search term. If the search results were full of irrelevant and spam websites, people wouldn’t use Google. In order to combat spam, Google engineers created a model of the typical spam website. One of the most reliable indicators of a spam website is a “young” domain name or a domain name that only recently into the search engine index.

You can’t control the age of your domain-it’s simply a matter of time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of being ranked at the top of search results and make the age of domain less critical to the success of your SEO campaign. Submit your website to the search engine index immediately and fill the website with high quality, optimized content. In many cases, a domain that is less than a year old can outrank a domain that has been around for 10 years if the quality of the content is superior and there are enough quality one way links pointing to the domain.