Keyword Relevance – Keyword Densities in SEO


Do search engines know what your site is about?

A lot of entrepreneurs make the same mistake when beginning their journey into the world of e-commerce – they confuse search volume for potential conversations when doing keyword research. Any experienced SEO can tell you that the point of doing keyword research is to get targeted traffic to your website that will likely convert into sales. Who cares if you’re getting over a million hits on your website each month if you aren’t making any sales?

We choose highly relevant keywords that will likely yield the highest conversion rate. Once your online business is generating an income from the lower-volume keywords, we target the higher volume keywords.

It’s all about RELEVANCE

If you’re going to be selling stereos on your website, would it make sense to target keywords like “music player”, “music players”, and “radios”? The content on your website should reflect EXACTLY what your are selling and nothing else. In creating content that deals specifically with what you’re selling, it’ll make it easier to rank for relevant keywords in the search engine. When in doubt, it’s always best to leave keyword research and web content optimizations to the experts.

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Keys to Good Keywords

Keyword Prominence

This is where the keyword is placed. The prominent areas of a keyword should be included in the title tag, header tags (h1, h2), Meta description tags, and then sprinkled throughout the rest of the page.

Keyword Relevance

Is the keyword the right keyword for your specific topic? If your keyword is “electric bicycles”, that’s what your keyword should be, you shouldn’t dilute the content with unnecessary or unprofitable keywords that don’t fit or make sense.

Keyword phrase density

The phrase density is how many times the keyword appears throughout the content. You want to make sure that you are writing the phrase enough times so the search engines will know what it is about, however, you also want to make sure that you are not overwriting the phrase that will turn your readers off. So, if your keyword is “electric bicycles” depending on the word count, you want to only sprinkle it in the copy a few times. A rule of thumb is to place the keyword in your content, every 100 words. However, don’t take that to heart, if it doesn’t fit in the copy, delete it until you come up with a great article that doesn’t look like it’s stuffed with keywords for SEO purposes.

Keyword aggregate density

The keyword aggregate density is how many times the words of the phrase appear throughout the copy. For example, the keyword is: electric bicycles. However, the aggregate density determines how many times the word “electric” appears throughout the page. Then it determines how many times the word “bicycles” appear throughout the page. By having both the right amount of aggregate and phrase densities you can increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google!