Linking Diversity


diversity2Do You Have Diversity in Your Links?

Link Diversity

What would you think if you took a walk through the woods and discovered that every tree was the same species, height, color, and shape? Diversity is the cornerstone of life and a prerequisite for evolution. Is it surprising, then that not having diversity in your one way links can hurt an SEO campaign and possibly even get a website flagged as spam by Google?

When we build one way links, link diversity is one of our top considerations. By the time we’re finished with your SEO campaign, you’ll have one way links from websites of all types and all Page Ranks. The result:a massive leap to the first page of search results in a much shorter period of time than you’d see if all of your one way links were from the same website or websites of the same Page Rank. Plus, link diversity can help guarantee against a sudden drop when Google releases their next algorithm update. When we rank a website on the first page of search results, we have the skill and experience to keep it there for the long-haul.